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Intelligence and studies

Ixxo offers structured methodology and innovative business softwares to deal with your company’s strategic issues.


While performing assignments in a variety of sectors, Ixxo has built up solid expertise regarding the control of strategic information.

To accompany and support its customers throughout the year, Ixxo provides a range of services involving intelligence and information search on the web. Over fifty companies have thus benefited from Ixxo services on subjects such as:



  • The search for applications, openings, etc.
  • The identification of players
  • Territory analyses
  • The search for publications aside from specialized subscriptions
  • The search for local news in developing countries
  • The search for technological data on any supports
  • The search for market studies

This experience provides Ixxo with considerable expertise in web data search project management and fast, flexible search methods.

On the strength of this dual IT & data expertise, Ixxo is able to provide a turnkey service for the successful conclusion of your information queries.

To find out more: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it