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Enterprise search engines

Search technology expertise for knowledge management

The value of the Ixxo approach lies in the full coverage of operational requirements and in the ability to meet them via its command of specially adapted technological components.

This technological expertise, combined with knowledge of the operational field, enables us to intervene at any stage of a project:


- Upstream vision of the ability of the technology to cover operational requirements
- Roadmap and project plan
- Proof of concept
- System architecture
- Full implementation project
- Provision of technical expertise within a global project

Over and beyond a simple provision of expertise, our experience in the field has enabled us to build implementation framework projects for complex systems meeting identified needs.

These frameworks integrate the breaking down of the project into phases and missions, together with the required profiles and skills, the deliverables and the milestones. Our project approach is pragmatic and progressive.

Many clients, from SME to major corporations, have entrusted their project implementation to us.