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About Us

IXXO develops innovative software applications to boost business responsiveness when faced with unstructured data.


Ixxo’s vision combines a command of data processing technology and expertise in the operational field of knowledge management.

Ixxo’s experience in complex, international projects is a guarantee of a rapid and progressive implementation of innovative performance factor solutions.

In 2008, IXXO launched Squido, a next generation intelligent Internet search solution, and it has continued providing a business service in the field of corporate search engines. IXXO also offers an expertise location software solution, called "Ask The Expert".

The company offers support to its public and private customers, SME and international companies, from a variety of sectors, including economic bodies and higher education institutions, and industries, such as defense, construction, automobile, semi-conductors, nutrition, health, beauty and sports equipment.

Founded in 2002 and controlled and run by its founders, IXXO is based in Limonest, near Lyon in France.

We dedicate 30% of our time to R&D, intelligence and training and we implement the technology and methods that we recommend to our customers to serve our own requirements. This ensures that we are always on the alert, as well as reducing learning cycles.